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Three midwives from a French village. Their stories are six hundred years apart but they're linked by an ancient bone talisman, and bonded by living through turbulent times: the Black Death, the French Revolution and the WWII Nazi Occupation. Each brings its own threats and dangers, in this boxset of historical novels based on real events.

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Here you can discover my novels set in Australia and in France.

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SpiritOfLostAngels_Cover_PNG Wolfsangel_CoverFinal_EBOOK Blood Rose Angel_Cover_LARGE EBOOK The Silent Kookaburra Cover EBOOK LARGE

Novels set in France

Novels set in Australia

Friends and Other Strangers Cover MEDIUM WEB

An award-winning, eclectic collection of funny, shocking, heart-breaking and distinctly Australian short stories, each with its own message.

liza2 NoQuoteThe Lost Blackbird Cover LARGE EBOOK 2(1)

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Embracing the social changes of 1970s Australia, against a backdrop of native fauna and flora, The Silent Kookaburra is a haunting exploration of the blessings, curses and tyranny of memory.

A Paris lunatic asylum. A woman imprisoned. Plunge into France on the brink of Revolution.

France under Nazi Occupation. Lives colliding unpredictably. One woman’s fatal choice.

1348. As the Bubonic Plague makes its first inroads into Europe, medicine, religion, family traditions and love intertwine in a woman’s search for identity and her battle to heal.