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Winner, EFestival of Words 2013, Historical Fiction category.

Shortlisted, Writing Magazine Self-Publishing Awards, 2013.

Featured in “Off the Beaten Path” recommendations, Historical Novel Society Conference, 2013.

Writing Magazine Self-Publishing Awards 2013: Shortlisted.

Historical Novel Society Conference: Recommended in "Off the Beaten Path" recommendations.


.... I LOVE when a book sucks me in and is so engrossing that I get ticked when I have to put it down. ...made me feel I was being written into the pages of the book - Naomi B (A Book and A Review).

... impressed with Perrat's knowledgeable treatment of the role of women during one of France's most tumultuous times, as well as the complexities of insular village life - Darlene Williams (Darlene Elizabeth Williams Historical Fiction Reviews).

The writing is superb, the sights, sounds and smells of a city in turmoil is brought vividly to life - Josie Barton (Jaffareadstoo).

... a tale to lose oneself in ... persuasively combines fact and fiction ... The peasants' fury, the passion building up to the Bastille storming, are just a few of the vivid illustrations - Andrea Connell (The Queen's Quill Review).

... escapist fun -- Francophiles will want this one and those who enjoy historical fiction that doesn't focus on royals ... I can't wait to see what Perrat does next - Audra (Unabridged Chick).

Liza Perrat brings to life the sights and sounds of 18th century France. Her extensive research shines through, from the superstitions of the villagers to the lives of the sophisticated Parisians - Anne Cater, Top 500 Amazon reviewer (Random Things Through My Letterbox).

Shortlisted: Exeter Novel Prize 2019:' … great pace … moments of high emotion, a pronounced sense of community and a solid sense of place. Engaging and well researched, this is an ambitious novel …' Broo Doherty Literary Agent, DHH Literary Agency.

... one of the best books I have ever read.' Kimberly Walker, reader

'A heart-stopping novel of love, betrayal and courage which will leave youshaken and profoundly moved.' Karen Maitland,bestselling author of Company of Liars

'Wolfsangel captures the tragedy of betrayal and the constancy of hope ... choices made in youth castdeep shadows. A superb story that stays in the mind long after the final page.'Lorraine Mace, writer, columnist and author of The Writer's ABCChecklist 'Once I picked this up I found it impossible to put down ... based on the tragic events of Oradour Sur Glane in 1944, this novel doesn'tpull any punches and will remain with the reader for a long time.' LovelyTreez (VINE VOICE)    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

... a powerful story that has stayed with me sincefinishing the last ReadingInTheSunshine  (TOP 100REVIEWER)

... an absorbing, well-written novel ideal foranyone who enjoys reading historical fiction and like Liza Perrat's previousnovel Spirit of Lost Angels there are courageous female characters at the heartof the storyline. L.H. Healy "Books are life, beauty and truth." (VINE VOICE)   (TOP 500 REVIEWER)  

 ... reviewed for Historical Novel Society ... entertainingplay on the familiar theme of love in the twilight of politics and honour ... grippingly dramatic ... prose and writing are beautiful, the centralcharacter conflict and outcome are satisfying ... a solidachievement. ChristophFischerBooks"Chris" - (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

... a fascinating, forceful and extremely well researched novelthat will thrill historical fiction fans. Liza Perrat writes elegantly, withfeeling and authority. LincsReader TOP 100 REVIEWER VINE VOICE


Novels set in France

Novels set in Australia

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An eclectic collection of, funny, shocking, heart-breaking and distinctly Australian short stories, each with its own message.


Review Quotes:


… each story is a jewel filled with interesting and provocative characters…


… in stories like Santa Never Came, and Daughter of Atlas, Perrat explores the layers and complexities of an immigrant nation, of different cultures coming together under a baking sun and learning to adapt to one another … not the Australia of Crocodile Dundee, but a much more nuanced country, one the rest of the world deserves to know better …


… lovely collection of insights into Australia, but be warned, you'll be Googling flights when you put it down. The author captures the atmosphere of a young, vast country, with unpredictable weather and huge space


These stories are of the Australia that you won't find in tour guides - a still young nation still trying to blend together from the mixed ingredients of immigrants from all over the world…


Longlisted in MsLexia Women's Novel Competition, 2015

Blood Rose Angel, from the spellbinding The Bone Angel series, tells a story of continuing family traditions, friendships overcoming adversity, and how good and evil are too often bestowed on fellow humans in the name of faith--Zoe Saadia, author of  'The Rise of the Aztecs' and 'The Peacemaker' series

Medicine, religion, and love intertwine in this captivating, richly-detailed portrait of a young woman's search for identity as the Black Death makes its first inroads into Europe. Liza Perrat uses her training as a midwife and her experiences living in a French village to create a compelling and unforgettable heroine determined to heal the sick in a world still ruled by superstition--C. P. Lesley, author of The Golden Lynx and The Winged Horse

Liza Perrat's writing is a fully immersive experience--Claire Whatley, reader and author

The next best thing to time travel ... brings us to the depths of despair and raises us to the heights of elation--Tricia Gilbey, reader and author

A great sense of place and time--Lucy Pitts

The balance between the darkness and the light makes this book so wonderful ... an emotional reading experience. Sadness at the death of a child, joy of a birth and anger at the injustice towards women. I was deeply moved ... -- Magdalena(book blogger)

I could not tear myself away ... Liza Perrat has now joined the ranks of my favorite authors.

The first few pages hook you and never let up. I tore through this book so quickly I was sad when it ended. Yes ... that enjoyable -- Melinda(book blogger)

For me Heloise represents those forgotten women, intelligent, brave and indomitable who have formed the heart and soul of every town and village throughout history.Wonderful -- Chris Curran, author of Mindsight.

Liza Perrat paints an enthralling picture of the ignorance and superstition that allowed the plague to spread inexorably and unchecked. The author is particularly gifted at transporting you to the historical setting and everyday detail of people's lives -- Vanessa Couchman, author ofThe House at Zaronza.

One of those books that once started was impossible to put down and yet at the same time one of those novels that you didn't want to pick up knowing that every page read was a page closer to having to say goodbye to some wonderful characters not to mention the end of an exceptional trilogy -- TracyTerry (book blogger).

Héloïse is a strong and inspiring main character; an amazing woman to guide you to a very dark chapter in history -- Maryline(book blogger).

I loved Heloise's character ... a strong woman ... sure of her powers of healing. She oozes confidence through most of the book. I also liked how the author included a lot on the methods that Heloise would have used as a midwife during the time period-- Meg, ABookish Affair.

Liza Perrat ... has quickly become one of my favourite authors. In her new sweeping tale, BloodRose Angel, emotions overwhelmed me right from the start and kept me on the edge of my seat with my heart in my throat right through to the last page, when I sat there stunned that it was all over. It was like leaving a best friend behind -- Cindy,(Book Blogger).

... the author's medical background, her artistic brush strokes in language, and the so deftly integrated literary devices elevate this novel to a very fine work of historical (and literary quality) fiction ... I was sad when the story ended ---will particularly miss Midwife Heloise. Though well suited to the story path,the climax and ending of BLOOD ROSE ANGEL did suggest a possible sequel.... We can hope! ... BLOOD ROSE ANGEL is a page-turner, but written with a nice balance of action and description -- Bernice L. Rocque, Author of Until the Robin Walkson Snow.

With flawless and progressive characterization and each characters emoting to dot, the story was simply magnetic. I had to finish the book off! -- Shree,Book Blogger

Compelling psychological drama that delves into the dark heart of family secrets. Chris Curran, author of Amazon bestseller, Mindsight.

A real page-turner with fabulously engaging characters and a gripping plot, the outcome of which I did not guess before the final revelation. Claire Whatley, reader.

An amazing domestic thriller with a gripping storyline, vivid dialogue, a palpable sense of place and time, and a compelling cast of characters that I can't get out of my head. Carol Cooper,Contemporary Women's Fiction author.

I have to say this was one of the most compelling reads I have read. Carol Ravensdale, reader.

Liza Perrat bring sher sureness of touch, vivid characterisation and ability to convey a strong sense of time and place to this story set in 1970s Australia. Vanessa Couchman, authorof The House at Zaronza.

It's a delight to watch an author grow into her talent. I admire Perrat's historical fiction, but here she really comes into her own. In moving closer to the present and to her own Australian background, she produces a riveting tale of human frailty and deceit that kept me enthralled even as I dreaded what might happen next. C.P. Lesley, author ofthe Legends of theFive Directions series.

... nothing better than a good twist or two in a plot, but this was a first for me - one final hammer dropping on the very last page that made my jaw drop! Cindy Taylor, BookBlogger.

The mystery keeps you turning the pages; the description transports you to another place, another time; and the characters by turns amuse, infuriate, entertain and conjure asense of poignancy and regret. Tricia Gilbey, writer and reader.

... as well-written psychological thrillers often do, it makes you question everything you thinkyou know, culminating in a true twist of an ending that both shocks and makes you ask "Why didn't I figure this out sooner?" Courtney J. Hall, historical fiction, romance and contemporary author.

Beautiful writing as always ... love the way Lindsay's experiences change her from an arrogant and aggressive teenager into a bruised but powerful woman. Chris Curran, author of Her Deadly Secret.


Whatever the genre, Perrat skillfully weaves stories that capture us in the pages. Patricia Sands, author of the bestselling Love In Provence series.


Wonderfully descriptive - heat, beach, sea - really made me feel like I was there. Barbara Scott Emmett, author of The Land Beyond Goodbye.


A real page-turner... love the 70s vibe ... Claire Whatley, reader andwriter.


A gripping tale, read it in one go ... a touching portrait of a mother being kept from her newborn. Tricia Gilbey, reader andwriter.